How to clean limescale off taps with solution to ‘loosen’ grime so it wipes straight off

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Limescale on taps occurs when a substance that is primarily made up of calcium and magnesium is left behind when hard water evaporates

Looking to remove limescale from their bathroom tap, which they said was already present when they moved into their home, a frustrated person took to online forum Reddit to get some answers.

They expressed that they had already tried out limescale remover, but were now left looking for other options.

One helpful person advised them: “Make a concentrated citric acid solution, soak some toilet paper in it and attach it to where the limescale is.

“It will take an hour to loosen at room temperature. Maybe reapply the acid after a while. It’s rather thick. I’ve seen ‘limescale removers’ that are mostly just soap.”

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After 30 minutes, they scrub it with a toothbrush and a cleaning material that shines it at the end when it is dry.

They added: “It worked for me, on different taps at five different houses, so theres a chance it’ll help you out! But make sure to wash it off your hands and have good ventilation!”

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