Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Tuesday, February 13

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If your daily routines have become too monotonous and everyday life has been getting you down, you will be delighted by the unexpected events that now crop up. Not everyone will be as keen as you are to welcome change. You understand why someone will prefer to hide in the background


Tension in relationships at work or in the community is starting to drain you emotionally. You might wish you hadn’t signed up to a voluntary scheme. Due to matters outside your control someone is totally relying on you. Where you can draw a breath of fresh air is when you are spending time with close friends and family.


A letter or message you have been waiting for will finally arrive. It may not be everything you had hoped for but you won’t be disappointed. There are still ideas you can work with to move forward. Senior colleagues play favourites when choosing people for special assignments and this doesn’t seem fair.


Worrying about things that may never happen puts you on edge. You know there are a number of possible options to a difficult situation. It may not result in what your imagination is suggesting. You could talk to someone who has a calm voice who will help put your mind at rest.

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No matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to get a move on. People get in the way. Your thoughts are on distant places. There’s a strong desire to escape familiar situations. At the first available opportunity, you want to get together with your family to discuss ideas for a future holiday.


You’ve been working hard and yet you feel as if you are seeing no difference in the amount of work you have to do. A friend is hoping you will do them a special favour. They won’t be happy when you admit you cannot fit anything else into your day.


You will do anything for the sake of harmony but what is the sense of sacrificing your own happiness in your efforts to make other people happy? There is something you would like to do and although a loved one will disapprove, you might make up your mind to just get on with it.


It isn’t what is being said but what is what’s left between the lines that is important today. Someone has been subtly trying to tell you something in a way to avoid other people from working out what is going on. A friend you can trust will give good advice.


An older relative expects you to fall in with their plans. You have other ideas and even if they are going to be disappointed, they need to realise you have a mind of your own. You have matters that are important to you to deal with now.

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Chatting with old friends will take your mind off worries which should eventually sort themselves out. Have you put your foot in it in some way? Try to put your feelings into words if you know you have said the wrong thing.


You could do without problems and you really don’t want to waste your time listening to people who never have a good thing to say about anything. If you keep to your usual routines, you are less likely to bump into snags that are associated with the unfamiliar.


You might be busy but you are also having fun. How can you not be amused and occupied when you are spending time with a friend or colleague who has a great sense of humour? A friend is making plans you will also enjoy. Respond immediately to their text messages.

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