Hair loss: ‘I reversed my bald spots with a £1 vitamin, never going to stop taking them’

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Seasonal hair loss in the colder months, which leads to more hairs than average falling out, is among the major list of things that can cause excessive hair shedding.

Previously experiencing seasonal hair loss herself, a woman rushed to social media to share a hair regrowth vitamin that she purchased on Amazon that saved her hair after it was falling out in clumps whenever she showered or brushed it.

“I have tried every hair regrowth vitamin, serum, on the market,” she confessed. The dark-haired content creator explained the source of her hair loss.

She said that she had spent the winter in Los Angeles, California the year before and her tresses soon went from being full and healthy, to thinning out, with her constantly losing clumps of hair in the chilly four-month period.

“I met with a trichologist who gave me amazing tips which I still use today,” she added. Though it was an amazing hair growth vitamin that ultimately gave her stellar results.

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In July she began to use the holy grail hair vitamin. After spending up to $1,600 on vitamins in the past, she was very reluctant to try anything new. But the fresh vitamin that worked magic for her had over 6,000 reviews, almost five stars, loads of pictures, and she was able to get it at a super discounted rate, so she was more than convinced to give it a whirl.

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Two months into using the hair regrowth vitamin, the Viviscal Healthy Hair Vitamins, she said she had amazing results. While she purchased hers from Amazon, you can buy a pack of 30 for £29.99 from Holland and Barrett, which brings them to about £1 a piece.

She showed TikTok viewers her sparse edges, and then showed how full her edges are now in comparison. “Literally I’m never going to stop taking these supplements for my entire life,” she said.

Previously, she dealt with a bunch of thinning, and her hairline was a complete mess. “There’s no bald spots, it’s all filling in, and we have a bunch of regrowth at the hairline,” she shared.

“Now I have my hair back. This is not sponsored, I don’t even care about getting this product for free. I will gladly buy this for the rest of my life, if it fixes and prevents this from ever happening again.”


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Some people in the comments of the vulnerable TikTok video shared that the Viviscal Healthy Hair Supplements had also worked wonders for them.

One person said: “I’ve tried Nutrafol and Viviscal and Viviscal hands down is the best supplement for hair growth!!!! It’s also affordable and you only have to take it 2x.”

Another person jumped in and said: “I have taken Viviscal for 3 years. It’s amazing. For me what I notice most is WAAAAYYYY less shedding. It’s amazing.”

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And a third person said: “Viviscal is the best. Been using it for years!”

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