Germans will be ‘vaccinated, recovered or dead’ by end of winter, health minister Jens Spahn says as COVID cases surge | World News

Germany’s health minister has warned that by the end of this winter “pretty much everyone” in Germany “will have been vaccinated, recovered or died”.

Jens Spahn urged Germans to get vaccinated amid a rapid rise in COVID cases.

Official figures showed more than 30,000 new coronavirus cases in Germany in the last 24-hour period, an increase of about 50% compared to a week ago.

Germany's acting Health Minister Jens Spahn speaks at a news conference on Germany's coronavirus disease (COVID-19) situation and vaccination with Moderna and BioNTech, in Berlin, Germany November 22, 2021. REUTERS/Christian Mang
Germany’s acting health minister Jens Spahn has urged people to get vaccinated

Hospitals have warned that intensive care capacities are nearly exhausted, with some patients being transferred to clinics some distance away.

Mr Spahn urged Germans to get the jab, including booster shots if their first round of inoculation occurred more than six months ago, to reduce the risk of serious illness.

“By the end of this winter pretty much everyone in Germany will have been vaccinated, recovered or died,” he said.

He acknowledged that some…

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