Former Tory MP and Commons Speaker John Bercow says decision to join Labour ‘not personal against Boris Johnson’ | UK News

Former Conservative MP and Commons Speaker John Bercow has said his switching of allegiance to join the Labour Party is “not personal against Boris Johnson”.

Mr Bercow told Sky News his decision to defect away from the Conservative Party is not to do with the PM, but added that Mr Johnson has “only a nodding acquaintance with the truth”.

It came as Justice Secretary Robert Buckland said Mr Bercow “left the Conservative Party a long time ago”.

Mr Buckland also accused the former speaker of having diminished his influence by coming out in support of Labour.

“I think him joining a political party actually has the effect of diminishing the force of his voice in politics, however strong he wants it to be,” the justice secretary told Sky News.

Mr Bercow announced on Saturday that he had joined the Labour Party in recent weeks. He served as a Tory MP for Buckingham from 1997 until he was elected speaker in 2009.

Sky News

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