European Super League: Real Madrid, Barcelona & Juventus defend plans in face of Uefa ‘threat’

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Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus have defended their plans for a European Super League in the face of what they call “threats” from Uefa.

They are the only clubs from the initial 12 yet to withdraw from the proposed ESL, and face disciplinary action from Europe’s governing body.

The nine other clubs involved, including six Premier League sides, have been given a financial punishment.

“The founding clubs have suffered,” a Real, Barca and Juve statement said.

The three clubs say they have faced “unacceptable third-party pressures [and] threats… to abandon the project”, which they feel is an effort to have them “desist from their right and duty to provide solutions to the football ecosystem via concrete proposals and constructive dialogue”.

“This is intolerable under the rule of law,” the joint statement continued.

More to follow.

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