Euro 2024: The exhibition showing how football ‘is for everyone’

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What are some features of the exhibition?

One focus of the exhibition, which Julian described as his favourite, is a collection of football shirts from teams that were forbidden or exiled during the Nazi dictatorship. One such club, Bar Kochba Frankfurt, was home to more than 1,000 members at one point – before the Nazis dissolved all Jewish organisations and clubs in 1938.

Julian said the collection: “gives a connection to today and that people are still today excluded,” highlighting a key theme of the exhibition in that discrimination and exclusion are not merely things of the past.

Julian made a point of saying that stadiums are not necessarily safe spaces for minorities or oppressed groups, citing the lingering presence of racism, homophobia, sexism, antisemitism and ableism in modern football.

One example he gives of a safe space is the Pride House Berlin – specially set up for queer fans to watch Euro games, away from the stadiums where they may still face discrimination.

When asked how he thought Germans today may feel about the Olympiastadion, Julian replied, “People don’t know that the stadium is the same stadium [as] during Hitler times.” Julian mentioned one family who had visited the exhibition, following a football tournament, who had expressed shock that the stadium was the same one that was used during the Nazi’s reign.

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