Ethiopia: Four young sisters among those caught up in country’s bloody civil war | World News

There is a little park in Addis Ababa with a bench and some flowers and a big red wall.

It was built on scrap land by the manager of a local hostel, and there is a five-year-old who comes to draw every afternoon.

Her name is Kidist, and she sketches on the wall with small rocks that work a bit like chalk.

Kidist, 5, draws outside her family home in Ethiopia.
Kidist also lost her heel in one foot during the explosion

“That is the face, that is the hand, the eyes, legs. Oh, the hair.”

As an image takes shape, her right sleeve slips down, revealing a nasty scar – one of many, say doctors, that cover her body.

Kidist also lost her heel in one foot after an artillery shell exploded in front of her family’s home.

Yigzaw family - speak about the impact of the Ethiopian civil conflict.
The Yigzaw family speak about the impact the Ethiopian civil conflict has had on their family

Her sisters were also injured in the blast, which took place late last year.


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