Ethiopia civil war: Thousands of troops assemble on highway to front line in bloody conflict | World News

Heading north along Ethiopia’s A2 highway, we quickly noticed that the road had turned into an elongated car park for the country’s military – the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF).

Near the city of Dessie in the region of Amhara, we saw dozens of trucks, tanks and armoured personnel carriers parked by the side of the road.

Every few kilometres or so, we were stopped by surprised looking soldiers who asked us to produce our papers.

Government troops are gathering near the A2 highway
Government troops are gathering near the A2 highway

We were heading towards the front line in a nasty civil war between the national government and their partners in Amhara, and the rebellious region of Tigray. The two sides have been massing their forces – and trading blows – on the fields and mountain slopes close to the highway.

The Ethiopian prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, sent troops into Tigray last November as he tried to oust the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF)…

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