Eleanor Cannon: Scottish golf chair dismisses criticism after Andrew McKinlay resigns

Andrew McKinlay became the third chief executive of Scottish Golf to resign in four years

Scottish Golf chair Eleanor Cannon has dismissed criticism after the resignation of the organisation’s third chief executive in four years.

Andrew McKinlay stepped down on Tuesday after two years in the post.

After an article in the Scotsman criticised Cannon, Scottish Golf replied describing the piece as close to “intimidation and harassment”.

“I don’t actually think what’s really important right now is how many chief executives we’ve had,” Cannon said.

“What’s important right now is that we support our clubs and support our members. Because nobody is free from what’s going on right now.”

McKinlay joined Scottish Golf in February 2018 to succeed Blane Dodds, who left for the equivalent position at Scottish Tennis after one year.

Development director Ross Duncan and head of operations Louise Burke also departed last month.

On BBC Scotland’s Sportsound programme, Cannon was asked about media reports portraying her as a “divisive character” and replied: “That’s an extraordinary thing to say on national radio.

“If you want me to comment on the press that’s appeared this week that’s something I’m not prepared to do.”

Cannon confirmed struggling clubs will receive a rebate on affiliation fees amid the coronavirus pandemic, and that they are working on a plan with governments for a safe return for the sport.

“We are working with all our stakeholders to build an emergency fund to support clubs who are finding themselves in dire straits as a result of the lockdown,” she added.

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