Ecobee Black Friday deals: Up to $50 off smart thermostats and more

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Black Friday is less than a week away, and that means there are a ton of deals are available right now. Smart home brands are some of the most prolific of participants — especially the ones that play well with Amazon’s Alexa. Among them, you’ll notice a couple of particularly good deals from Ecobee, maker of one of our favorite smart thermostats. (Nope, it’s not quite the Nest.) You’ll find that Editors’ Choice-winning thermostat at an attractive Black Friday discount from the Google Store as well this holiday season, along with deals on other Ecobee models and bundles, including some featuring the company’s smart indoor camera. 

With more of us working from home or spending a lot of time indoors for the holidays, it’s the perfect time to thinking about upgrading your home. We’ve outlined the best Black Friday deals on Ecobee smart home products below and will update this post if we spot any others.

Ecobee deals available now

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Ecobee’s flagship smart thermostat is a top competitor to Nest, an Editors’ Choice-winner here on CNET, and among CNET Smart Home whiz Megan Wollerton’s top-recommended smart thermostats overall. Along with letting you program and monitor your home’s heating and cooling needs from your phone, the full-featured Ecobee thermostat includes a very handy remote sensor accessory for tracking the temperature and occupancy in whatever room you like, it supports voice controls via Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant, and it even includes its own built-in speaker and microphone to let you chat with Alexa right at the wall. It now supports built-in Siri access, too, though you’ll need to have an Apple HomePod Mini smart speaker already on your network (which, admittedly, kind of seems to defeat the purpose of the upgrade).

Regardless, this is an excellent smart thermostat, and it’s $50 off for Black Friday, bringing the price down to $198. That’s about the same as what it sold for on Black Friday the past two years, and only a few bucks above its all-time Amazon low of $192.

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If $200 is still more than you want to spend on a smart thermostat (or if you just don’t want another device with a microphone in it in your home), then check out the Ecobee3 Lite. It doesn’t include built-in Alexa controls or its own built-in occupancy sensor like the voice version above, and it doesn’t come with a remote occupancy sensor, either (though you can add them later). Apart from that, it’s basically the exact same smart thermostat with the same attractive mix of features, including support for voice controls via Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant (you’ll just need to talk to a separate device).

The Ecobee3 Lite is marked down by $30 to $149 for Black Friday. That’s about $5 more than Prime Day and it’s well above the all-time low of $119, but it’s still a good deal for a “lite” smart thermostat that’s heavy on features and integrations.

Can’t decide between Ecobee’s voice-enabled thermostat and the Ecobee3 Lite? Here’s a full rundown of everything that separates them (toldja Megan was a whiz).

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It’s not just thermostats — Ecobee is in the indoor camera business, too. Its camera of note features built-in Alexa voice controls plus two-way talk, and it supports Apple HomeKit, too. It usually retails for $100, but you can score one for $70 during Black Friday.

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Along with thermostats and cameras, Ecobee also sells smart sensors that track door openings in addition to motion and the ambient conditions in whatever room you stick them in. Along with watching for movement through the room, they can also listen for the sound of your smoke detector or security system, and alert you if it sounds like anything is amiss.

A two-pack of sensors usually costs $80 on its own, and Ecobee typically charges $180 for this bundle with camera and two sensors to go with it. This bundle’s price got cut in half for Prime Day, meaning it was available for just $90. Still, each piece matches the individual discount currently, so if you wanted to order both, it isn’t a bad option.

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Here’s another Ecobee bundle that packages one of those cameras with the company’s voice-enabled thermostat. The camera doubles as an Alexa smart speaker like the thermostat does, and it features two-way talk, too. The orginal pitch for Prime Day called it a Sweet Dreams Baby Kit, and the pitch was that you’ll use it as a baby monitor, complete with temperature and occupancy-sensing for the baby room via the thermostat. That said, you don’t need a baby to buy this bundle — you could use that camera and the thermostat’s remote sensor wherever and however you like.

The best part is the price. On their own, the camera and thermostat would cost you $350  — but now that Black Friday sales are live, you can snag the bundle for just $269. That’s still $59 more than the bundle was on Prime Day, but it’s not a bad deal for the pair.

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