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Millions claim Personal Independence Payment (PIP) to cover the cost of long-term health conditions.

But they might not be aware there are a host of freebies and discounts they can get on top – from reduced council tax to a grant worth up to £30,000.

As the cost of living crisis continues, living costs remain high, PIP claimants are being urged to check if they’re making the most of the discounts and freebies available.

PIP is paid across two components, with each of these components containing two separate rates (depending on how much help one requires).

People will get the daily living component if they need help with everyday tasks, while they’ll get the mobility component if they need help with getting around (both inside and outside of their home).

The weekly rate is either £68.10 or £101.75 – people can get both elements which adds up to £172.15.

It’s worth noting that payments for PIP are going up from April by 6.7 percent, in line with the consumer price index level of inflation for September 2023.

Disabled Facilities Grant

People who claim benefits for a disability in England could receive a grant of up to £30,000 if they need to make changes to their home, while claimants in Wales and Northern Ireland could eligible for grants up to £36,000 and £25,000, respectively.

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The money can be used to pay for improvements such as installing a walk-in shower or a stairlift, or adapting heating or lighting control systems.

The amount a person gets will depend on a variety of factors, such as their household income and whether they have savings of over £6,000. To apply, claimants have to go through their local council.

Council tax

PIP claimants may be entitled to a discount on council tax of up to 100 percent, depending on the component and rate of PIP the claimant is receiving.

People can apply if they own their home, rent, are unemployed or working, and it’s advised they contact their local authority to find out if they could be eligible and how much the bill will be reduced.

Free bus pass

Claimants may also be entitled to receive free local bus travel in England. This takes shape through the disabled person’s bus pass and is distributed by local councils as part of the English National Concessionary Travel Scheme. It is suggested that claimants contact them to find out who can issue this.

Vehicle tax exemption

PIP claimants who receive a mobility component of the benefit can also claim vehicle tax exemption, which can knock between 50 percent and 100 percent off the price.

If the mobility component can be entitled to 50 percent off, while those who receive the enhanced mobility rate can be eligible to get 100 percent off.

Blue Badge

People can use their PIP award letter to apply for a blue badge, although some councils can charge up to £10 for it. Blue badge parking spaces tend to be closer to the front of shop entrances, making your experience easier.

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Free prescriptions

Depending on the medical condition a PIP claimant may have, they could be entitled to free NHS prescriptions. The current NHS prescription charge per item sits at £9.65, so for those who need several items frequently, this has the potential to save them a sizeable sum.

If eligible, people can often get free medication at a pharmacy for minor illnesses, such as colds, coughs, and eczema, through the NHS minor ailments scheme, too.

Disabled person’s railcard

A disabled person’s railcards can give someone up to a third off rail fares, worth £4.26 per journey or £91 a year, according to National Rail’s website. People can apply for the railcard on National Rail’s website.

Discounted days out

If you have a carer, they may be entitled to discounts or free entry at attractions throughout the UK.

For example, National Trust and English Heritage offer free entry to a carer through the Essential Companion Card. This card isn’t compulsory, it just makes the entry process quicker.

What PIP freebies are there?

  • Blue badge
  • Capped water bills
  • Council Tax discounts
  • Disability premium
  • Disabled Facilities Grant
  • Discounted days out
  • Free prescriptions
  • Motability Scheme vehicle
  • Toll roads
  • Transport discounts
  • Vehicle tax reduction

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