Draft-age Russians flee country as plane ticket prices soar and border crossings increase | World News

Draft-aged Russians have apparently begun to flee the country as it enters is biggest conscription drive since the Second World War – with plane ticket prices soaring above $5,000 (£4,443) and border crossings increasing.

Vladimir Putin launched a new mobilisation campaign on Wednesday for the seven-month-old war in Ukraine that has already decimated cities, killed thousands, and displaced millions – as well as damaged the global economy.

While surveys in Russia have suggested widespread domestic backing for Moscow’s “special military operation” – in part due to extensive propaganda from the government – the threat of mass conscription has seen residents flee and demonstrations across the country.

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Prices for some airline tickets from Moscow soared above $5,000 (£4,443) for one-way flights to the nearest foreign locations, with most sold out for the coming days.

“This is panic demand from people who are…

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