Design for aids memorial near Diana ward revealed

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A panel of representatives from the groups affected chose Gallaccio’s design from a short list featuring five London artists.

And she said it was important her design “reflected all experiences of HIV and Aids”.

“There was and is no singular experience of HIV and Aids,” Gallaccio told BBC News.

“So for me, it was about slightly redrawing that narrative to be more inclusive of those individuals and communities that may have been overlooked – 52% of people worldwide are women and girls of reproductive age and I think that’s something we don’t think about enough.”

Gallaccio’s design features the rings of a tree trunk placed upright, with its remaining hollow space laid out into a seating area, which she hopes will “invite visitors to interact and engage with the memorial”.

Her art rose to prominence in the 1980s, when she participated in Damien Hirst’s Freeze exhibition, along with others who became known as the Young British Artists.

And in 2003, she was short-listed for the Turner Prize.

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