December Patch Tuesday round-up: Winding down for the year

At last, we have the final updates for 2020 from Microsoft. For anyone keeping count, we ended up with 1,250 CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) for the year. That’s almost 50% more than the 800 we had to deal with in 2019. Given the way we get updates delivered in a cumulative fashion, I don’t think of it as about the number of vulnerabilities; I think more about how many times I had to deal with post-release issues in 2020. I’ll recap the year’s major patching issues later this month. For now, I’ll summarize the issues to watch out for in December.

First, a reminder if you’re running Windows 10 1903: This is the last official release for that version. You must be on Windows 10 1909 (or later) to continue to receive security updates. In the past, I have recommended setting the deferral for feature updates for 365 days. Now, I recommend using the targetreleaseversion setting to specify the exact feature release version you want. So if you set the value at 1909, you’ll receive 1909; if you set it at 2004 — even if you are on 1903 — you’ll get offered 2004, not 1909. (For Windows 10 Home users, I continue to recommend you upgrade from Home to Professional to better control updates.) 

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