Dad of Preston plane crash victim condemns Boeing plea deal

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By pleading guilty, Boeing will avoid a criminal trial, if the settlement is agreed by a US judge.

A Boeing 737 Max plane operated by Indonesia’s Lion Air crashed in October 2018 shortly after take-off, killing all 189 people on board.

Just months later, an Ethiopian Airlines plane crashed, killing all 157 passengers and crew, of which Sam was one.

In 2021, prosecutors charged Boeing with one count of conspiracy to defraud regulators, alleging it had deceived the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) about its MCAS flight control system, which was implicated in both crashes.

It agreed not to prosecute Boeing if the company paid a penalty and successfully completed a three-year period of increased monitoring and reporting.

But in January, shortly before that period was due to end, a door panel in a Boeing plane operated by Alaska Airlines blew out soon after take-off and forced the jet to land.

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