Curler Wright joins fight against coronavirus

Vicky Wright was on a break from full-time nursing

Scottish curler Vicky Wright has returned to her role as a general surgical ward nurse to aid the fight against coronavirus.

Wright, 26, was on a break from her nursing career to pursue her Olympic ambitions and was due to be competing in the World Championships this month.

However, that event, like most sporting tournaments around the world, has been cancelled because of the virus pandemic.

“The bigger picture was that helping out at home was more important just now,” she said.

“When we flew into Prince George after a few days training in Vancouver we were starting to become aware that the worldwide situation was changing and a few doubts and uncertainty about whether our champs would go ahead started to creep in.

“We started seeing other big Canadian sporting events being cancelled and it became more evident then that our champs probably wouldn’t go ahead.

“We could see how everything was quickly changing and we knew there were other much bigger priorities than sporting events which are now on the back burner.

“They have to take second place to what is happening just now and when I went into work last week at the hospital it really sank in.”

European silver medallist Wright, part of Team Muirhead featuring skip Eve as well as Lauren Gray, Jen Dodds and Sophie Brown, had maintained nursing on a part-time basis.

“Being a nurse has always given me a good perspective on life and kept my focus on what is important,” she added.

“In my nursing career over the years I always felt it was a privilege to be with someone and look after them when they were unwell and vulnerable and it has always made me appreciate the life I have, being able to work as a nurse which is a job that I love and also compete in curling which is a sport that I love.

“This season was great for us and we found our feet from the start and we really settled into our positions within the team and we were all committed to the same goals and wanted the same outcomes.

“Now it is time to make a difference in a different way and I will now play my part in a much bigger team.”

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