Covid inquiry: Notes ‘missing’ after Storey funeral published

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Alongside the then-DUP first minister Arlene Foster, Ms O’Neill was jointly responsible for leading the Northern Ireland Executive’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ms Foster said “huge damage” had been done following the funeral and that she could not share a platform that day with Ms O’Neill giving out a joint public message.

That situation then continued for about two months.

Ms Foster’s DUP colleague, the former economy minister Diane Dodds, called the funeral “absolutely disgraceful” and said it was “undermining” the work of the Executive.

She added that the deputy first minister needed to “express remorse”.

The Sinn Féin finance minister Conor Murphy said the rules around funerals had been relaxed and any breach of regulations was a technicality.

Mr Murphy said he had attended, but was not in the cortege

Ms O’Neill’s apology to the Covid Inquiry comes almost four years after the event was held.

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