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A woman has shared news of her engagement with her grandfather despite him staying in a care home under lockdown in a moment that has been shared thousands of times on Facebook.

A picture of Carly Boyd showing Shelton Boyd her ring and touching hands either side of the window of his room at the home in North Carolina has attracted 225,000 likes and nearly 10,000 comments.

Ms Boyd, a student nurse who got engaged to Trevor Sellers at the weekend, wrote on her Facebook page: “So glad I was allowed to see my grandfather, even under the circumstances of this virus I was still able to tell him I am engaged!!”.

She added on Facebook. “Thank you premier living staff!!”

The pair touched hands either side of the window. Pic: Premier Living and Rehab Center
The pair touched hands either side of the window. Pic: Premier Living and Rehab Centere

The facility described the moment on Facebook as “emotional and memorable, for sure!!”

Online comments were similarly positive.

Flo Berg said on Facebook: “I love this. If there’s a will there’s a way!!”

Nic Lynne commented: “I’m crying like a baby!!”

Sue Busa posted: “I window hung with my mom today. Made her feel less alone and forgotten…”

The pair, said to be “very close”, shared the intimate moment on Monday, after Ms Boyd arrived at the home to drop off his laundry.

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Gennie Parnell, an administrator for the Premier Living and Rehab Center in Lake Waccamaw, told NBC News: “He was laying up there eating some ice cream. He is the sweetest gentleman.

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“He got up to see it better and she put her hand up on the window and he put his hand on the window, and we all just fell apart.”

It all started, she said, from an overheard conversation.

“The activities director was talking to her and I heard her say something like ‘congratulations’ and I realised she had gotten engaged over the weekend.

“We were standing there talking and she kept glancing over that way where his room is, and as they were getting ready to leave, it hit me.

“I said, ‘Would you like to go to the window to say hey?’ And she said, ‘Can I?’ I said, ‘Sure!'”

Premier Living and Rehab Center has stopped all visits on government advice to help slow down the spread of coronavirus.

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