Coronavirus: Wales and Juventus star Aaron Ramsey makes NHS donation

Aaron Ramsey has 60 Wales caps

Wales star Aaron Ramsey has donated £10,000 to the Cardiff and Vale Health charity.

The charity has launched an appeal to raise money for local NHS workers to spend on vulnerable members of the community.

Juventus midfielder Ramsey, 29, ensured they hit their £10,000 target thanks to one online donation.

“We really appreciate all of your hard work,” Ramsey wrote on the charity’s JustGiving page.

The charity said on social media it was “blown away” by Caerphilly-born Ramsey’s donation.

“A huge thank you to Aaron, you’re our star,” the charity said.

The charity says money raised will be used by doctors, nurses and other NHS staff to “best benefit the most vulnerable” during the coronavirus crisis.

BBC News

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