Coronavirus: Virtual Mass tour across Ireland for 107-year-old

A 107-year-old woman from Clonard, County Meath is attempting a virtual Mass tour across Ireland while in lockdown.

Nancy Stewart and granddaughter, Louise Coghlan, have been shielding together since March last year, and have set themselves a churchly challenge.

They are attending Mass services across the 32 counties on the island from the comfort of their own kitchen.

The pair have already ticked off counties Down, Antrim and Armagh in Northern Ireland already.

Louise said that because they have been shielding for so long together, she is constantly trying to find “different ways of keeping granny entertained”.

She said that when she asks Nancy if she wants to watch Mass her “eyes light up like I’d just given her a million euros”.

Nancy, whose favourite saint is St Anthony, said she can hardly believe she is able to watch Mass on a computer or a phone from her comfy armchair.

“I feel so happy and so refreshed sitting happily in my own kitchen, in my armchair looking at Mass,” she told NI.

“I can’t believe it, I’m trying to believe it’s true.”

Digital journalist: Mike McBride

BBC News