Coronavirus: NHS turns to big tech to tackle Covid-19 hot spots

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The NHS has confirmed it is teaming up with leading tech firms to ensure critical medical equipment is available to the facilities most in need during the coronavirus outbreak.

It blogged the firms would create computer dashboard screens to show the spread of the virus and the healthcare system’s ability to deal with it.

These will draw on data gathered via 111 calls and Covid-19 test results.

The first should be made available to government decision-makers next week.

Four tech firms were named in the blog. Three are US-based: Microsoft, Google and Palantir. The fourth is Faculty AI, which is headquartered in London.

Amazon was not referenced but the BBC has been told the project will draw on the cloud computing services of its AWS division.

“[It’s] very curious. They’re making a very material contribution,” a source familiar with the project commented.

Many of the details of the scheme were first reported by the BBC on Thursday.

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