Coronavirus: ‘Incredible staff’ at NI’s Nightingale hospital

Kyle Crawford volunteered to work at Belfast's first Nightingale HospitalImage copyright
Kyle Crawford

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Kyle Crawford volunteered to work at Belfast’s first Nightingale Hospital

A Londonderry junior doctor has said his initial fears about volunteering to work at NI’s first Nightingale Hospital dissipated after working with the “incredible” staff there.

Kyle Crawford knew that working in the facility would increase his chances of being exposed to Covid-19.

Belfast City Hospital’s tower block has been transformed into NI’s first Nightingale hospital.

But the 31-year-old said his fears were quelled once he started work.

“Initially, there was a human reaction in me that I might be placing myself in increased risk, but I rationalised that very quickly,” Dr Crawford told BBC Radio Foyle.

“Everyone is working together in a way that I have not seen before. The camaraderie, team work and sense of purpose is really palpable,” the junior doctor said.

He said all staff are given adequate PPE equipment and are all using it appropriately.

Dr Crawford also said he is encouraged by the amount of people he personally sees being discharged from the hospital.

“The most reassuring thing for me is that most patients I see with Covid-19 are getting better, people are coming out of ICU,” he said.

The junior doctor, although encouraged by this, urged the public to “stick with the lockdown” and “keep protecting the NHS”.

“What you’re doing is saving lives,” he adds.

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