Coronavirus: Hospital staff praised for bringing dying couple together

Hospital staff have been praised for the care they showed a County Londonderry couple who died within six minutes of each other.

Barney and Sarah McGlinchey from Greysteel died on 20 January with Covid-19 after spending almost two weeks in Altnagelvin Hospital.

They were in separate wards, but staff brought them together to be with each other in their final moments.

Only one of their daughters was with them due to coronavirus restrictions.

Barney, passed away first at 16:55 GMT, while Sarah, known affectionately as Blossom, passed away shortly after at 17:01.

The couple were holding hands.

Barney, 81, and 78-year-old Blossom, who had five children and seven grandchildren, were absolutely devoted to each other, their daughter Lynne Gray said.

BBC News