Coronavirus: Hairdresser’s DIY guide to haircuts in lockdown

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Morgan Edward

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Edward used his seven-year-old son Guy’s hair in one of the videos

One of the challenges the lockdown has brought during the coronavirus pandemic has been what to do with your hair when it needs a cut.

A hairdresser from Carmarthenshire has started producing video guides on social media for people to do DIY cuts.

Edward Rees, who runs Morgan Edward, has being doing the tutorials using his children as models.

His salons in Carmarthen and Llandeilo have had to close as part of social distancing measures.

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“I’ve been getting a lot of messages from our clients looking for advice,” said Mr Rees.

“I thought I might as well do something online using my kids to show people how its done.”

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Media captionStuck at home, some people have enlisted their children to help them cut their hair

So far he has done lessons on cutting women’s fringes, hair colouring and men’s cuts.

He said men had the easiest hair to cut, and he had received requests from some people on how to cut a boyfriend’s or their children’s hair.

“Men’s hair needs cutting that little bit more regularly, every five to six weeks, but ladies are a little longer apart from the fringes,” Mr Rees said.

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