COP26: World leaders agree climate change deal but ‘deep disappointment’ over fossil fuel compromise | UK News

World leaders have reached the most significant climate change pact since the landmark Paris Agreement, following a turbulent two weeks of fraught negotiations in Glasgow.

With a stroke of the gavel, COP26 President Alok Sharma announced that almost 200 nations had finally reached consensus on how to navigate the climate crisis.

Its supporters say the pact will help “keep 1.5C in reach,” but many have pointed out it is far from perfect, with last minute changes to fossil fuel wording almost bringing Mr Sharma to tears.

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Countries angered by climate revisions

Follow COP26 reaction live as deal is finally reached

Major outcomes include:

  • supercharging 2030 emissions-cutting targets as soon as next year, potentially “keeping 1.5C alive,” a key objective of the talks
  • accelerating the…

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