COP26 talks spill over into extra time amid disagreement over wording on fossil fuels | Climate News

A new draft climate deal has been published in Glasgow this morning as COP26 talks spill over and could last well into Saturday after passing the original deadline.

Negotiators were given a new draft of the final agreement early on Saturday, which kept controversial phrasing on fossil fuel commitments.

It calls on countries to accelerate “efforts towards the phase-out of unabated coal power and inefficient fossil fuel subsidies”, which commentators say could allow fossil-fuel dependent nations to reduce their commitments.

Will they reach a deal? Crucial COP talks enter final stretch – follow live

Greenpeace international executive director Jennifer Morgan described the clause as “weak and compromised”.

But she said it was still a “breakthrough” and a “very welcome reference to a just transition” [from goal to renwable energy].

The draft also asks governments to revisit and strengthen their 2030 emissions-cuttings targets as necessary by the end of 2022 to align…

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