Conjoined twins ‘learning to stand’ for Cardiff school

When they were born Marieme and Ndeye Ndiaye were not expected to live for more than a few days.

But the conjoined twins are now ‘learning to stand’ and are settling into their new Cardiff school.

Now four, the girls, who have separate hearts and spines but share a liver, bladder and digestive system, are being introduced to a special frame which gives them the experience of being upright.

At children’s’ hospice Ty Hafan in Sully, Vale of Glamorgan, the frame is being used to help build strength in their legs.

The hope is that the stand can be used while they are at school to allow them more freedom.

Watching his daughters stand is more than just a breakthrough for their father, Ibrahima.

“They are showing that they don’t only want to live, but be active and play their part in society,” he said.

“All these achievements bring light and hopes for the future. But I know how fragile, complex and unpredictable their lives can be.”

BBC News