Clydach murders: Professor casts doubt on David Morris conviction

A leading consultant forensic psychologist has cast doubt on the conviction of a man jailed for the horrific Clydach murders in 1999.

David Morris was found guilty of murdering an entire family of four including two young girls.

But potential new witnesses, along with the views of experts, have given campaigners calling for his release fresh hope.

One of those experts is Prof Mike Berry, who has helped police forces in high profile killings, including the murder of Geraldine Palk in Cardiff.

Prof Berry says he finds it hard to believe Morris was behind what happened afterwards.

When all four residents of the house were dead, the killer did not flee but stayed to perform bizarre acts including taking Mandy’s body to the bathroom and apparently washing it.

Small fires were started in various parts of the house, the main one in the kitchen.

South Wales Police say Morris was convicted twice at two trials after an “extensive investigation”.

BBC News