Climate change: Animals ‘shape-shifting’ in response to global warming crisis, study says | Climate News

Larger ears, bulkier beaks and longer wings – climate change is causing numerous species to “shape-shift” and adapt to the world’s warming temperatures, a study claims.

Sara Ryding, the study author and researcher at Deakin University in Australia, says several species are changing over the generations since warmer climates tend to produce creatures with longer limbs and larger appendages.

The larger features are expected to help the animals deal with hot weather because they have a greater surface area to release body heat.

Wood mice have developed larger ears
Wood mice have developed larger ears

“Many animal appendages, such as avian beaks and mammalian ears, can be used to dissipate excess body heat,” she writes.

“We find that there is widespread evidence of ‘shapeshifting’ (changes in appendage size) in endotherms in response to climate change and its associated climatic warming.”

Ms Ryding also says it is “alarming” that we are…

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