Chinese ‘spy balloon’: Photos show US navy pulling downed device from Atlantic Ocean | World News

Photos from the US navy show the downed suspected Chinese spy balloon being removed by hand from the Atlantic Ocean.

The device, believed by the US to be a Chinese surveillance balloon, was shot down by fighter jets off the coast of South Carolina on Saturday.

Members of the navy’s explosives disposal group hauled, what is described as a high-altitude surveillance balloon, out of the waters off the coast of Myrtle Beach.

Sheets of white debris and black poles can be seen being handled by sailors, with officials describing the balloon as being roughly 60m (200ft) tall and most likely weighing 71st (1,000lbs).

Two navy ships, one with a crane for recovery, were sent for the removal but the photos showed material being pulled by hand.

China has said the balloon was an airship that accidentally flew over the US. It accused politicians and the media of taking advantage of the situation.

Authorities had waited until the…

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