China announces new military drills as more US politicians visit Taiwan | World News

China has announced more military drills around Taiwan as a number of US politicians visited the island nation.

Previous exercises have only just ceased.

The Chinese Communist Party, which rules on the mainland, claims Taiwan as part of the People’s Republic of China.

Taiwan claims it is an independent nation, known as the Republic of China.

Tensions between the two have grown recently following visits from American politicians.

The exercises are intended as a “resolute response and solemn deterrent against collusion and provocation between the US and Taiwan,” China’s defence ministry said.

Nancy Pelosi became the first US House Speaker to travel to the island for 25 years when she stopped there at the start of the month.

In retaliation, China carried out a series of drills, including firing missiles over Taiwan and warplanes and navy ships crossing the midline in the Taiwan Strait.

The latest round of drills was announced as a US congressional delegation visited…

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