Channel deaths: Iraqi family fear relative could be among 27 dead | World News

An Iraqi family fear one of their relatives could be among the twenty seven people who died crossing the English Channel.

A man called Shalaw told Sky News his brother was on a boat mid-way to the UK at the same time as the incident on Wednesday.

He said his brother sent a voicemail to say he was crossing but nothing has been heard from him since.

This is what remains of the boat that capsized in the Channel and resulted in the deaths of 27 people
The remains of the boat that capsized in the Channel resulting in the deaths of 27 people

“They were on their way around this time, but we don’t know what happened and whether he is with that group or travelled separately,” Shalaw said at his home in Sulaymaniyah in northern Iraq.

“Honestly, we are very stressed about any news from my brother because we have not heard from him.

“He is younger than me and I’m worried for him.

“I hope that we can get some news about him as soon as possible and we pray that he has safely arrived in…

Sky News

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