Cameroon v Uganda: Bowler Mankads four batters

Cricket ball
Maeva Douma finished with figures of 1-32 from four overs

Once is a mistake. Twice might be careless. But four ‘Mankads’ in an innings?

You’d think the batters would learn their lesson.

Not that Cameroon bowler Maeva Douma was bothered.

The 16-year-old seamer dismissed four Uganda batters as they backed up at the non-striker’s end in a Women’s T20 World Cup Africa Region qualifier in Botswana.

It is a record for an international match and will surely reopen the debate on whether the mode of dismissal – named after India bowler Vinoo Mankad, who ran out Australia batsman Bill Brown in a similar manner in 1947 – is within the spirit of the game.

Douma had already bowled opener Prosscovia Alako with her second delivery by the time she returned for a second spell.

When Kevin Awino walked out of her crease in the 16th over, Douma stopped in her delivery stride and whipped off the bails. When Rita Musamali followed suit three balls later, Douma did the same.

She wasn’t finished there.

In the final over of the innings captain Immaculate Nakisuuyi and Janet Mbabazi also went walkabout, and Douma had no hesitation in running them out too.

Not that it helped Cameroon much.

They were bowled out for a paltry 35 in pursuit of 191 as they slipped to a 155-run defeat in their first T20 game. Douma scored one.

The most famous recent example of a Mankad was Kings Xi Punjab’s Ravichandran Ashwin running out Rajasthan Royals’ Jos Buttler in an Indian Premier League match in 2019.

Law 41.16 states: “If the non-striker is out of his/her ground from the moment the ball comes into play to the instant when the bowler would normally have been expected to release the ball, the bowler is permitted to attempt to run him/her out.”

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