British tourists in Spain will be ‘roasted’ after country passes strict air-conditioning rules, warns tourism chief | World News

British tourists visiting Spain will be “roasted” under new energy-saving measures that bans air conditioning from being set lower than 27C in the summer, a tourism chief has warned.

The country has approved a new set of rules that will also see heating not be allowed above 19C in winter.

The measures will apply to offices, shops, bars, and restaurants as well as public transport systems and transport centres. Stores will be required to keep their doors shut to maintain temperatures.

They are part of Spain’s drive to cut its gas use by 7% under a recent European Union deal to reduce dependency on Russian gas.

Lights will also have to go off in shop fronts and empty government offices from 10pm, under the new rules.

However, Spain is currently experiencing a very hot summer, with temperatures above 40C in many parts, and the president of Costa del Sol’s tourism board has criticised the measures.

“We want satisfied tourists, not roasted tourists or those who are…

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