British headteacher who groomed 131 children worldwide jailed for 20 months | UK News

A British headteacher who groomed at least 131 children worldwide using social media while working at a school in Iraq has been jailed for 20 months.

Nicholas Clayton, 38, from The Wirral, used Facebook Messenger to contact children as young as 10, asking for photos and attempting to sexually abuse them.

He was caught after asking a 13-year-old boy from Cambodia for photos of his naked upper torse and arranging to pay for the child to travel to Malaysia so they could meet.

The National Crime Agency (NCA) received intelligence about the communication and arrested him when he returned to the UK.

Investigators found Clayton had been messaging hundreds of boys from across the globe, spanning the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Iraq, Morocco, Turkey and others over a period of just three months.

He appeared at Liverpool Crown Court on 23 August where he admitted three counts of sexual communication with a child under 16 years and one charge of inciting…

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