Boris Johnson hints two-metre social distancing in schools could be cut | Politics News

The prime minister has hinted social distancing rules in schools could be relaxed, as he told people to “watch this space”.

Boris Johnson insisted he was “sure” all children can be back in the classroom five days a week from September.

Asked about calls from some Conservatives to cut the recommended two metre gap to one metre to help more pupils join lessons, he said: “We will be putting in further changes as the science allows.”

He was also asked if the return to school plan would see kids return full-time from the autumn instead of just going in for some or half days.

Mr Johnson confirmed: “Absolutely… Provided we can make the classroom safe, and I think we can, I want every child, every student, every pupil back in September and I’m sure we can get it done.

“I’m making no bones about it – I think that’s the right way forward for our country.”

Hours after the UK’s coronavirus alert level was lowered, the prime minister said on a visit to a school in Hertfordshire: “We have to start thinking of a world in which we are less apprehensive about this disease.

“Yes it has been a horrible shock for the country and for the world, and I think the British people have worked incredibly hard to drive it down…

“I hope, as we go forward into the autumn, people will be much, much more confident.”

The levels of COVID-19 across the country “really diminishing amongst us all”, he added.

Concerns about emergency measures having to be strengthened again were also dismissed by Mr Johnson, when asked about the threat of a second peak.

He said the government use its test and trace programme to “take the preventative measures necessary on the spot, rather than going back to the national lockdown approach”.

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