Boots shoppers are snapping up No7 moisturiser – and it’s the brand’s cheapest one yet

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After the colder months, the skin can get dry and dehydrated, so keeping it topped up with moisture is important for maintaining healthy skin throughout the seasons.

No7 is one of the brands that keeps shoppers coming back for the same products again and again, but is also always developing new innovations.

Repeat fans will know that the products are focused on quality and ingredients, and avoid trends, instead creating long-term skin solutions.

Many of the products are at more premium price points, however some strongly rival the most affordable brands.

Low-cost skincare is in demand, and one of the newest No7 launches costs just £7.96, with the current 20 percent off.

Buy: No7 Essential Moisture Day Cream (£7.96)

The moisturiser is from the ‘Essential’ range, which also features a Moisture Night Cream and Day fluid.

It contains elderflower to soothe and calm any irritation the skin faces, and vitamins E and F which help to maintain a healthy skin barrier and work as antioxidants to clear, plump and firm the skin.

The lightweight formula has a whipped texture, so sinks into the skin quickly and leaves a supple finish without weighing down throughout the day like thicker creams can.

Shoppers have already started leaving their feedback on the cream, with some calling it ‘lovely on the skin’.

dorey69 said: ”I love this cream. Great price and it’s lovely on the skin, non-greasy and keeps your face feeling soft all day.”

MarieB commented: ”A lovely delicate day cream at a reasonable price. I use this alongside the No7 essential night cream to keep my dry skin in good condition.”

Judy also added: ”This suits my sensitive skin and I buy it regularly.”

Although the cream is affordable, it does compromise on some of the ingredients that more expensive products benefit from, and much of the No7 skincare range contains more powerful elements to help fight ageing and deeply hydrate.

If you were keen on incorporating a well known anti-ageing ingredient like hyaluronic acid into your routine for example, it may be better to opt for the Revolution Skincare Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Moisturiser.

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