Bernice King: ‘My hope lies in a new generation’

Bernice King has said her hopes for ending racial inequality lie in a “new generation of young people”.

Speaking to 5 Live presenter Colin Murray the American minister and the youngest child of Martin Luther King Jr also paid tribute to civil rights activists C.T. Vivian and John Lewis saying “We don’t give up, and we look at the light of people like John Lewis and C.T. Vivian – they became the hope.”

She also spoke of her fear that “a very important moment” could be “missed”.

She said: “If we don’t take this moment in time to look at all the different gifts that exist with people and organisations and figure out how to truly connect, collaborate and co-ordinate our efforts we’re going to miss a very important moment”.

To listen to the whole of Colin Murray’s interview with Dr Bernice King click here.

BBC News

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