Bathgate killer laughed after setting ex-partner on fire

Ann Drummond from Livingston

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image captionAnn Drummond suffered burns to 80% of her body and later died

A man who laughed as he killed his ex-partner by setting her on fire is to be detained at the State Hospital.

Kevin Marks, 48, drove Ann Drummond to a remote location near Bathgate, West Lothian, on 25 June 2019.

He then set her alight before standing over her as she rolled around on the ground in a bid to put out the flames.

Marks was charged with murder but his not guilty plea was accepted on the basis of a mental disorder making him not criminally responsible.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard how paramedics rushed to the scene after members of the public spotted the car on fire and took Ms Drummond to hospital.

Medics found that more than 80% of her body was covered in burns.

The mother-of-four later died at Glasgow’s Royal Infirmary Hospital.

Induced coma

Marks was placed in a medically-induced coma after he was found to have burns on 50% of his body. He later recovered from his injuries.

In the hours before the attack, Ms Drummond was so concerned by her former partner’s poor mental health that she met him as he was released on bail in connection with other charges.

Police later arrested Marks, from Bathgate, and charged him with murder.

He had been arrested earlier in the same week in connection with other alleged offences.

Officers were worried by Marks’ mental health and he was twice assessed by community forensic nurses.

However, they concluded that he was fit to be released and he later appeared at Livingston Sheriff Court and was granted bail.

Psychiatric reports

Marks then attacked his former partner in her vehicle and poured a liquid accelerant, possibly petrol, over her.

The Crown accepted that Marks’ health was so poor at the time of the offence that he was not responsible for his actions.

He was also acquitted of the charges which led to his Livingston Sheriff Court appearance.

Prosecutor Alan Cameron told the court: “Mr Marks has pled not guilty on the basis that he is not criminally responsible for his conduct due to mental disorder.

“That plea, and the existence of the mental disorder in question at the time of the conduct, is supported by the psychiatrists who have prepared reports for the court.

“The Crown accepts the plea of not guilty on that basis.”

Judge Collins adjourned proceedings to another hearing at the High Court in Edinburgh on 28 October. The court will then decide how to proceed.

Marks continues to be detained at the State Hospital at Carstairs.

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