Barbados to launch world’s first virtual embassy in the metaverse | World News

Barbados says it is the first country in the world to establish a digital embassy in a metaverse.

The Caribbean island struck an agreement with Decentraland, a company that hosts a user-owned, 3D digital world, comprised of 90,601 plots of ‘land’.

The Barbados Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade approved the decision in August and is set to open the virtual embassy in January 2022.

The metaverse is a concept coined in the 1992 sci-fi novel Snow Crash to describe a kind of three-dimensional virtual reality version of the internet where people are present as avatars and move through a digital representation of the real world.

Decentraland began its own metaverse in 2017, allowing users to build on their plots, create online games, gambling services and more. 

Barbados is also planning to open virtual embassies with other metaverse providers, including Somnium Space and SuperWorld, CoinDesk reported this week.

The move is expected to prompt other…

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