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Banksy has confirmed that street art on the side of a home in Bristol is indeed his own work.

The artwork, on a semi-detached house in the Totterdown area of the city, shows an elderly-looking woman sneezing while her dentures fly into the air.

There was speculation earlier in the day whether or not the piece belonged to the mysterious artist.

Pic: Dr Tristan Kay
Pic: Dr Tristan Kay

But he has since used his website and Instagram account to confirm that the artwork was indeed done by him.

He captioned the picture mimicking a sneeze sound, writing “Aachoo!!”

Banksy’s last piece of work can be found in Nottingham – depicting a young girl hula-hooping with a bike tyre, next to a real bike – with a missing wheel – slumped next to a pole.

The artwork depicts a young girl playing with a tyre and was painted on a wall near to an abandoned bicycle
His October work shows a young girl playing with a tyre from a real bicycle positioned next to the work

Despite much speculation over Banksy’s identity, it remains one of the art world’s greatest mysteries.

In 2019, his former agent released a book of behind-the-scenes images and anecdotes of the moments that started the anonymous artist on his path to global fame.

Pic: Catherine Berry
The artist had left local people speculating whether the work was his or not. Pic: Catherine Berry

Bizarrely, Neil Buchanan, who hosted Art Attack in the 1990s, issued a statement denying he was Banksy after a conspiracy theory identifying him as the secretive street painter went viral on social media in September.

The graffiti artist is famed for satirising corporations, politicians and those in positions of power through his work.

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