Bali: British man rescued after getting trapped in well for six days | World News

A British man has been rescued from a well in Bali after he said he spent around six days trapped inside. 

Jacob Roberts, 29, told authorities he had fallen into the four-metre deep well while being chased by a dog in the village of Pacatu, Badung.

He injured his leg in the fall and was unable to climb out, according to local media.

Pic: National Rescue Team, Bali
Teams used stretchers and rope. Pic: National Rescue Team, Bali
Pic: National Rescue Team, Bali
The rescuers wore PPE. Pic: National Rescue Team, Bali

The well was in a secluded area, said to be around 30 metres from the main road and rarely passed by people.

It was mostly dry but had a small amount of water at the bottom.

Police chief Yusak Agustinus Sooai said Mr Roberts “survived only by drinking water in the well”.

Mr Roberts believes he spent five-and-a-half to six days trapped in the well before his cries for help were eventually heard by a farmer who was passing by.

Villagers passed him water and tried to help by throwing him a rope, but he could not be pulled up because of his injuries.

Police in Badung were called and rescue teams – wearing PPE – used ropes and stretchers to lift the man out late on Saturday.

Mr Roberts was still conscious and was able to communicate with the rescue team.

Pic: National Rescue Team, Bali
Jacob Roberts was taken to hospital. Pic: National Rescue Team, Bali

He was taken to the Bali International Medical Center hospital.

Gede Darmada, head of the Bali National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas), said the rescue team reported Mr Roberts had no major fractures or injuries.

He had been on holiday in Bali since March.

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