Australia’s ‘biggest-ever’ hailstones damage cars and shatter windows in Queensland | World News

Giant hailstones bigger than 16cm (6.3 inches) appear to have fallen in Queensland, according to Australia’s weather agency.

If confirmed, it’s believed to be a new record for the country.

Forecaster Shane Kennedy, from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, said the previous record was “around the 14cm mark”.

“Hail that size has a terminal velocity of well over 100km (62mph) an hour,” he told ABC News.

The bureau tweeted on Tuesday: “Giant hailstones in excess of 16 centimetres have been observed in Yalboroo, north of Mackay in Central Queensland.”

Yalboroo is about 500 miles (804km) north of Brisbane.

Samantha Caporn – who lives in the area – posted a picture taken by her husband of three super-sized hailstones.

Hand-sized balls…

Sky News

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