Asus won’t say if the ROG Ally’s SD card reader will ever be truly fixed

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1) Has Asus actually found a hardware fix for the faulty SD card readers? If someone RMAs their Ally to Asus this way, will they get an SD card reader that no longer fails?

Our commitment is to assist all customers effectively. If any user suspects they’re encountering issues with their products, we encourage them to reach out and make use of our RMA process as needed. They can expect us to provide a suitable resolution.

2) What percentage of ROG Ally systems have this issue?

We cannot comment on this at this time.

3) Assuming there is no hardware fix yet, why has the warranty only been extended by one year? 

Apologies Sean, but we cannot comment on assumptions.

4) What does Asus plan to do for customers in territories outside the US? Will we see warranty extensions and SD card reimbursement elsewhere?

Service policies vary from region to region and are subject to local laws and regulations. While I cannot provide you a blanket statement that encompasses all global operations, you can rest assured that our focus is quality and our objective is to effectively answer our users concerns, regardless of location.

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We are an is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an …

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