Arrest made in Los Angeles dognapping that left frantic owner clinging onto car hood

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The suspect of a dognapping was arrested Saturday, two weeks after allegedly driving off with a French Bulldog as the owner clung onto the car hood.

The Los Angeles Police Department and the U.S. Marshal Fugitive Taskforce arrested 21-year-old Sadie Slater in Inglewood, California, on Saturday. She is being charged with robbery, and her bail is set at $70,000, according to the police.  

Slater is allegedly responsible for the dognapping on Jan. 18 in Los Angeles, where her group drove off with a French Bulldog while the owner clung to the hood of the car. The incident was captured on video by a bystander. 

Ali Zacharias clings to the hood of the car in Los Angeles.
Ali Zacharias on the hood of the car in Los Angeles.@harrisonjamesmusic / via KNBC

Owner Ali Zacharias was having lunch outside a Whole Foods market when her French Bulldog, Onyx, wandered away. She noticed a woman holding Onyx and getting into a car. Zacharias went after her to clear up what she initially thought was a misunderstanding. 

“The last thing I could do is stand in front of the car,” said Zacharias. “I was trying to put my body there. They drove into me until I fell on the hood. I grabbed onto the window wipers.”

The vehicle sped off with Zacharias splayed across the hood. She was thrown off a few blocks away and suffered cuts and bruises. The police arrived and attempted to chase down the car but returned empty-handed.

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purebred pure breed dog canine stolen
French bulldog, Onyx.LAPD

Zacharias said three women, including the alleged thief, and one man, the driver, were responsible for the dognapping. 

The Los Angeles Police Department were looking for two possible suspects: a man and a woman. Slater was identified as the woman, but the male suspect is yet to be arrested.

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