Anouk Aimée, star of A Man And A Woman, dies aged 92

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Aimée was born Nicole Françoise Florence Dreyfus in Paris in 1932.

Her father was Jewish, although she was raised Catholic, and after German troops marched into the city eight years later her family sent her to the countryside, where they hoped she would be safer, and changed her name, according to AFP.

She made her screen debut in her early teens in the 1946 movie La Maison Sur La Mer (The House Under The Sea on its US release) and adopted her character’s name, Anouk, as her own.

French poet and screenwriter Jacques Prevert convinced her to also change her surname to Aimee, meaning “loved”.

She was sought after to appear in Italian films as well as those in her native country.

Her big break was Federico Fellini’s arthouse film La Dolce Vita, one of the most acclaimed movies in Italian cinematic history, in 1960. Three years later she would appear in his film 8½.

It was her starring role in Lelouch’s 1966 film A Man and a Woman which is said to have made her into an icon of doomed romance. And it earned her a Golden Globe and a Bafta award for best actress, as well as an Oscar nomination.

It was the first time that an actor or actress had been Oscar-nominated for a French-language performance. She lost out to Elizabeth Taylor who won for Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? but A Man And A Woman did win the award for best foreign language film.

Aimée also worked with other famous film directors including Jacques Demy, Marco Bellocchio, Jacques Becker, and André Cayatte, who directed one of her earliest films.

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