Alyssa Milano defends setting up GoFundMe seeking donations for son’s baseball trip after backlash

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Alyssa Milano’s attempts to raise money for her son’s baseball team struck out with social media users who criticized the actor and producer for seeking donations.

Milano shared a GoFundMe on Thursday to help raise money for her 12-year-old son’s team trip to Cooperstown, New York.

“Any amount would be so greatly appreciated. You can read more about the team and make a donation,” she wrote in a post on X.

It appears that the “Charmed” actress created the GoFundMe under her married name, Alyssa Bugliari, on behalf of her husband, talent agent David Bugliari. The fundraiser is seeking $10,000.

Many people on X called out Milano for not covering the trip herself.

“Imagine being so out of touch that you ask your followers to contribute money to your child’s trip when you have a net worth of 10 million dollars,” one user wrote. “This is gross. Pay for it your own damn self. #AlyssaMilano #gofundme.”

“Alyssa Milano has actually SET UP the GoFund me. It’s under Alyssa Bugliari (her husband’s surname) and the beneficiary is her husband David Bugliari. Two millionaires stay millionaires by asking plebs to fund their children. Amazing,” another wrote.

One social media user said Milano was “out of touch” and her fundraising attempts were “tone-deaf.”

The “Charmed” actor defended her actions, writing on X that she has “paid for uniforms for the entire team and coaches, thrown bday parties and sponsor any kid who can’t afford monthly dues.”

“The kids also do fundraising themselves—car washes, movie nights, and many other fun things! Thank you to all who have contributed to the gofundme! You’ve made things easier for these boys and their families,” she wrote Friday.

One user on X said: “Just a reminder: Alyssa Milano and her husband are both multi-millionaires. They could pay for the entire trip for the whole team without batting an eye!”

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