Afghanistan: UK reveals refugee resettlement details as UN pledges $1bn in aid | World News

More details for the UK scheme to resettle Afghan refugees have been provided by the government.

It comes as the United Nations revealed more than $1.1bn (£750m) has been pledged to help Afghanistan in the wake of the collapse of the previous regime and takeover of the Taliban.

The UK has said it will work with the UN‘s refugee agency – the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) – to find those refugees most at risk and help resettle them “based on their protection and humanitarian need”.

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‘Every Afghan is angry’

The UK government minister responsible for the resettlement of Afghans – Victoria Atkins – told the House of Commons on Monday how the administration will help those who assisted the British military and regime.

This will be done through two schemes – the Afghan Relocations…

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