Aberdeen: Club told pandemic insurance cover to stop next month

Aberdeen chairman Dave Cormack says there is a “moral dilemma” to be considered

Aberdeen have been told their insurance to protect against a loss of earnings due to a pandemic will cease at the end of April.

The Pittodrie club has a business interruption policy but say the wording in relation to the coronavirus outbreak is to be removed upon renewal.

Chairman Dave Cormack said on Monday they face £5m of outgoings with no football until at least 30 April.

“The bulk of our losses will likely be beyond the end of next month,” he said.

“We may be one of only a few clubs with an insurance policy that clearly covers the impact of a pandemic.

“Despite paying for that cover ‐ when we need it most, we’ve been advised we’re not going to get it.

“We accept that our insurance company is acting within its legal rights and that the present circumstances will give rise to multiple and significant insurance claims.

“But this leaves us bearing the majority of the continuing costs incurred as a result of the football suspension in response to the coronavirus, despite the outbreak occurring when we had cover.”

Many other Scottish clubs are waiting to discover if their insurance will cover them for the outbreak of COVID-19, which has brought all sport in Scotland brought to a halt.

“We believe there is a moral dilemma here,” added Cormack on Thursday.

“Perhaps what is needed is for pandemic claims to be dealt with in a similar way to those arising from floods and terrorism. That is, through an industry‐wide, public/private insurance solution which provides essential cover, at the cost of the insured, but with the cost of claims being spread across the whole of the insurance industry and the state.

“That seems an appropriate long‐term solution, for the solvency‐threatening consequences of pandemics.

“But, until that’s in place, would it not be the right thing for insurers to continue existing cover for so long as the consequences of the current COVID‐19 outbreak continue?”

BBC News

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